Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OOTD: American Flag Vest

American Flag Vest- LF
Long Sleeve Crop Top- Goodwill
Leather Skirt- Forever21
Flatforms- Koi Couture
This outfit is so simple but interesting. Its always satisfying when an effortless outfit looks well thought out and put together. Honestly this was not one of my 3am outfit epiphanies but the more I look at it the more i love it. Just so smart (in the english sense of the word). I wore this look to my local mall to check out the new Urban outfitters that opened. I ended up picking up a few things which ill post in a haul later this week. If you didn't notice these photos aren't my typical setting. Siggy and I never shoot indoors but i convinced him to give it a try. If you are into photography at all you know how hard it is to manipulate artificial light. But I am beyond impressed with how he handled it, the photos are brilliantly crisp and shooting in the heat is a nice change. Shooting inside is so much easier, there is no rush to defrost our toes and if I think the outfits missing something i can just run to my room.  Siggy's (my boyfriend) photos have come along way in the four years since i started my blogs and are the reason i am able to have a blog at all (have you ever tried to shoot yourself?! No bueno!). So thanks Siggy if your reading this!-x0x0x Phoebe

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