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I'm Phoebe a high school student with a boyfriend of about four years! My posts are not perfect but nothing is. Expanding my closet and make up collection is my life. Yes, my hair is naturally red and i wouldn't have it any other way! Please message me i love to hear from you guys! Hope you enjoy our blog we work really hard!
instagram- @phoebekev
Tumblr- http://nowhereplansfornobody.tumblr.com/
Teen Vogue blogging account- http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/user/euly-sawyer

I'm Brooke a senior in high school with an obssession for everything beauty and fashion. I have been a model for almost two years now and i love my job :) I'm just an average girl sharing my tips and tricks on what i know best. I hope you love our blog as much as we do because we work really hard on it! Ask us or comment on anything we would love to hear from you!! 


  1. Hi, we're robyn and connie and we are two teens from England! its so weird cause we also started a blog together in november, you're the american version of us haha! We just launched our etsy shop which we would love you to check out and let us know what you think :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/RandCfashions?ref=search_shop_redirect

    1. hey roybn and connie
      its so cool that we have english twins! your shop is great! thanks for the comment!

    2. thanks, glad you like it! s'alright :)

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