Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Style Flatforms : Koi Couture

 Flatforms are so late 90's Spice Girl.  Huge shoe designers like Jeffery Campbell and Prada have been pumping them out since summer 2012 . Although designer shoes are lovely they are very pricey. Personally i don't dip into my emergency shoe fund for just any trend. Im proud to announce I did not dent my wallet to purchase these black suede flatforms, I got them from Koi Couture makes quality trendy shoes for reasonable prices. I style flatforms with 90's inspired garb, like the outfit above or just a flannel around my waist paired with light wash high-waisted jeans. But of course there are no rules to styling theses suckers have fun with it and be sure to check out Koi Couture. - Phoebe
Koi Couture- CLICK HERE

American Flag Sweatshirt- Thrifted
Leather Skirt- Forever21
Thigh High Socks- Target
Sunglasses- Raybans
Lipstick- Media by Mac
Flatforms CLICK HERE


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrift Haul

  These are items I purchased at my local Goodwill over the past month. Thrifting takes patients and a good eye.  If a texture or color pops out, pick it up. I always look at an item as what it could become. Before i hit it with my scissors that corky cat muscle tank was an old oversized man's shirt. Try on everything, i swear by this, vintage items can have irregular sizing and items that aren't amazing on the hanger can surprise you. If you are petite or looking for crop tops check out the kid's section (boys and girls) thats where i found the cropped gray and blue baseball shirt. -x0x0x Phoebe
Black Velvet Dress- Betsy Johnson $15
American Flag Sweatshirt- cropped myself, Cutter and Buck, $5
Leather Backpack- Vintage Coach, $39
Cropped Baseball Shirt- Gap, $3
Beer and Cat Muscle Tee- cut myself, together $6

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Black Liner


I have never been one to wear black liner on my waterline, or to wear it much at all. I tend to stay away from black because I have very small eyes and also I can never get my constant tearing eyes to keep liner from running or smudging horribly. Then I received a full size long wear eyeliner in forever nior in my Burch box, so I decided to give black liner another chance and I FELL IN LOVE! This liner will not only stay for hours, but the pigmentation is ridiculously dark. The liner is creamy and glides on so easily much like the urban decay 24/7 liners, but unlike the urban decay liner doesn’t smudge or run at all. This company focuses on creating the best and most black liners and products out there; they don’t even sell products in anything but black. I have yet to try any other products from the company but based on the liner I expect amazing things. If you’re looking for a super long wearing eyeliner you need to go and buy this liner ASAP! xoxo -Brooke 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Four Things I'm Lusting For

Four items that are at the top of my Christmas wish list!
Leather Skirt- fall staple, very on trend and irresistibly cute. Find it here.
High-waisted Black Pants- classic, easy to style and very me. Find it here
Sheer Maxi Dress- popular this fall and extremely vesitile.
Mac Lipstick in Media- maroons have been my go to lip hue, this is my next purchase 100%. Find it here.
-Phoebe x0x0x

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Date Outfits

Brooke and I put together two outfits we would wear on a date! Scroll to read our tips and suggestions!

I picked this outfit out thinking for a nice dinner date or going to the city. I tried to mix classic pieces such as nude heals, red lips, and a flowly blouse with more unique pieces. To give more edge to this classic fall outfit I added a lace bandeau peaking out of my blouse and a chunky bolt-esk necklace. Have fun when creating an outfit for a date but still have fun with it and add those funky pieces that show your style.xoxo-Brooke 
BLOUSE-Romeo and Juliet Couture
BANDEAU-Romeo and Juliet Couture
HEELS-Steve Madden
COLORED JEANS-Fire (Bought at Nordstroms)

I recommend when putting together a date outfit something girly but true to you. My natural style isn't very girly but this deep neck peplum top does the trick. My date night outfit is for dressy date like seeing a comedian in the city or going to a broadway play. Swap out the galaxy leggings for dark skinny jeans for a more safe look. A floppy double pompom beanie is super feminine and practical for cold city nights. Happy dating <3 -mwahhhhh Phoebe
Black Micky Mouse Beanie- Romwe
Black Leather Jacket- Romwe
Galaxy Leggings- Black Milk Clothing
Leather Damsels- Jeffery Campbell