Friday, November 30, 2012

Oxblood Outfit Of The Day

I wore this outfit today to school then to holiday shopping. Its super cozy with just a little edge. I'm loving the oxblood trend that these leggings play on. Those white lumps inside my shoes are actually my favorite wooly socks (sorry for the bad quality image). For extra warmth at the outdoor mall i through on my black micky mouse beanie which i will hopefully be showing in my next post. 
-Phoebe x0x0x
Eyeball Muscle Tee-Nasty Gal
Oxblood/maroon Leggings-American Apparel
Cream Hoodie- H&M
Jean Jacket- Thifted
Spirit Shoes-Thirfted
Wooly Socks-H&M

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Loving The Trend: Peplum


I have been loving the Peplum trend this season, there are so many ways you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe! The style not only is flattering on most body types, but it’s a fun way to mix up and play with different shapes, patterns, and materials. I put together a couple examples of the many different ways the peplum shape is being used! -Brooke

Cool Finds/ Gift Idea

"Don't put your purse on the ground or you'll go broke!"
"Don't put your purse on the ground or you'll go broke!"I recently came a across a nifty gadget to avoid  this superstition. My mom gave me a mirror key chain and for the longest time i had it buried at the bottom of bag (the pattern was paisley, i hate paisley!). This mirror was not worthy of being on my keys along side my beloved Hello Kitty key chain and hot pink pepper spray. But this key chain recently surfaced from the bowels of my purse, not just a mirror! Its actually a useful tool abling me to look past the horrible pattern. A fold out hook that holds your purse at the table, just brilliant! The coin -ish part lays flat on the table and the hook extends below the table as an arm for your purse! I love this invention its cheap socking stuffer for friends or a pricey accessory for mom. My mom just got her first real Louis Vuitton purse, i swear she loves that thing more than me (understandable). Putting her baby on the floor is rough but now she wont have too. Something cool about this gift is the the price ranges, the hooks are sold for .99 cents to $100. Im eager to use mine, let me know if you've seen these before or even own one? Would you like receiving this as a gift? -Phoebe x0x0x

Monday, November 26, 2012

Who says?

Who says you cant wear flower crowns in the winter?!

 Who says you cant wear flower crowns in the winter?! For the purpose of showing all the components of my outfit i left off my jacket but adding a flower halo to a thick wooly outfit is my latest obsession. The contrast of dainty flowers and winter socks makes me swoon. I would normally pair this look with a skirt but for the sake of changing it up i chose my high waisted American Apparel shorts. It was really warm today so i didn't wear tights, but adding a pair would give a more wintery look. I honestly don't believe in "Fashion Rules" i wear blue and black together, and white any day i like. Dont put restrictions on something as free as fashion . Wear what you like there are no rules!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Perfect Red Lip!

I have been searching for the perfect fire engine red lipstick for months now, I have tried both high end and drugstore makeup and I have finally found it!! Not only is the lipstick the perfect red, but also it’s affordable and available at your local drugstore. It is the L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE lipstick in BRITISH RED #350. The color pigment is amazing and the lipstick formula is creamy moisturizing and nonsticky. The packaging may seem outdated, but the results of the product out way the packaging completely. I have many other favorites from this line of lipsticks because of the amazing formula, and stay power. If you don’t already own this color you need to go out and buy it now!! -Brooke 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving outfit

White Cropped Tank-Brandy Meville
Corduroy Circle Skirt-American Apparel
Flannel- American Apparel
Thigh High Socks-Target

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OOTD Diy Cropped Sweater

I recorded my first YouTube video! I feel silly talking to the camera and I look nervous. But it can only get better from here!!! I'm about to go see the new twilight movie with my boyfriend (it was my turn to chose the film). Is it lame that I'm really excited?! Anyways, I was thinking about doing a thanksgiving look but pilgrims aren't exactly fashion icons. So maybe ill play on the Native American side of thanksgiving channelling all things fringe and leather. I love thanksgiving its the only day of the year it's acceptable to wear elastic pants!!

Nordstroms Event

This Saturday I was part of the Collection B and Nylon fashion event at Nordstroms, i was hired to model the Collection B fall 2012 jackets along with other clothes from BP Nordstroms. Collection B is a jacket company that i have modeled for almost two years now, you can find more out about the company on their fb page and at! Now back to the event...It was focused on styling Collection B jackets for the winter so they partnered with Nylon to show girls ways to style the jackets, new trends, and to help shop around BP. I walked down the runway and stood on stage while stylist Dani Stahl explained the trends and my outfit. After doing that for three different outfits I answered questions about modeling from girls, and talked about the winter trends. There was also a blogger showing her favorite trends and tips to blogging. I had so much fun and I tried to take a couple pictures on my iphone so i apologize for the quality but i thought ya'll would enjoy some anyways!

Arm Candy for the first look!

                               Excuse me in the bathroom i just wanted a full body picture haha

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Get This Look

Get This  Look-

Cheetah Beanie- Urban Outfitters
Jean Jacket- Goodwill
Maroon Hoodie- American Apparel
Lace Corset Top-Urban Outfitters
Corduroy Circle Skirt- American Apparel
Thigh High Socks-Target
Sparkley Litas - Jeffery Campbell
Arrow Necklace-Brandy Meville
Back Seem Tights- American Apparel

This make up was really fun to do! ill do a tutorial on, its just a classic smokey and a dark maroonish lip! Something i love about this look is the mix of textures, it adds complexity. For my hair I simply curled it with a conhair  clipless curling iron and slept in a braid (i like it kind of messy). I would love some feed back sooo please comment! enjoy!

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