Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day At The: Chelsea flee market

My mom and I have been on a repurposing kick, so we have been flea market hopping on Sundays mornings. So many DIY projects and so little time! This sunday I ended up buying a gold 1920's belt for a fine $10 and a vintage Ralph Lauren jacket which was alittle pricey for $35, totally worth it. As you know I love digging through odd stuff and this market was filled with freaky wonders!! I bought a letter press box for $16 to be used as jewelry storage/organization, it's prefect for displaying all my rings and pendants! Next Sunday I'm going to another flea market and ill post more treasures then! - x0xO Phoebe

heres some strange and awesome things i saw and snapped pictures

Monday, April 8, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are

It actually feels like spring today in New York  but the beautiful weather is not helping my horrible case of Senioritis. Its just a few more weeks, I can do this!!! On another good note its the beggining of yard sale season and i'm pumped, I love sifting through old briefcases, plastic jewelry and frumpy sweaters. I get all excited even typing about the unloved treasures sitting in boxes right now just waiting to come home with me.
leather vest- Urban Outfitters
Heels- Jeffery Campbell