Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit Diary

I've always wanted to keep a outfit journal where I write down cute outfits I want to remember or keep track of how many lazy days I had at school that week. But really who has time to record in a notebook anymore?! I found this godly free app called Outfit Diary where you can quickly take pictures of your outfit in the morning and it records the date. You can add notes to a look, like how uncomfortable your shoes were or tag people from your contacts who saw you while you wearing it (so you can repeat it in front of new people). It's amazing so far, I've been tryin to snap an embarrassing mirror pic everyday, even on my horrible days (above friday feb.22 blahh so boring). Let me know if you try it and I would love to see a weeks worth of your outfits!!! -xoxo phoebe
Ps. This app is totally free and i am not affiliated with the company at all just thought it might be helpful.

OOTD: Melting Sweater

Sweater- Sheinside.com
Bodycon Skirt- Forever 21
Flatforms- Koi Couture

Disclaimer- I did receive this sweater for free from sheinside.com but all the opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So I might have looked up cat puns to name this look. Its beyond corny, I know. This Sheinside.com lace leopard sweater is so easy to style, nothing is easier than black and white! I illuminated the white cat on the sweater by adding white lace socks which pulls everything together. The black in the tights and the black felt hat tie into the sweater and add texture. You saw this skirt in my last haul post, its the perfect shade of maroon which is my favorite color for clothing at the moment. I have never owned a hat with a wide brim like this and I was afraid it would make me look like witch but i was wrong; I love the style it reminds me of Kim Kardashian (not that shes a fashion icon but shes still well dressed most of the time). Disclaimer- I did receive this sweater from Sheinside.com for free but all the opinions are my own. 
Felt Hat- LF
Sweater- Sheinside.com
Skirt-Urban Outfitters
White Girly Lace Socks- American Apparel
Heels- Jeffery Campbel Damsels
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haul: Urban Outfitter

I went to brake in my new local Urban Outfitters, and this is what I picked up. You may have already realized but I have obsession with triangles! I like them on shirts, as rings, on necklaces, and they are everywhere now! These triangle earings were a great find for only $6. The double sided leopard earrings are really unique, I dont own any earrings like them, grabbed them for $16. Mid knuckle rings are really trendy right now (so 90's) and I already own a bunch but i loved the lines of this ring, very aztec, had to have for $6.

The velvet skirt was a total whim, it was on sale and reminded me of Olivia Harrison (love her). I have tons of skirts and probably could have thrifted something similar to this but it was right there and velvet is my weakness, got it for $20. I was drawn to this muscle tank because of the triangle obviously but even more because of the eye. Im even more obsessed with eyes, love them on anything! Im still looking for an eye ring, if anyone knows where I can find one let me know?!  Overall I had a successful trip I think the items I bought will get a lot of use. - x0x0x0Phoebe

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Leather Jacket- Romwe
Pink Dress- Nasty Gal
Heels- Jeffery Campbell
I love Valentine's day. Valentines day brings unity whether you spend it with your friends at an Anti-Valentines party or with your significant other, you're surrounded with people you love. Anti-Valentine's day partys are a cute way to spice up a loveless Valentine's day. 
How to throw a Anti-Valentine's Day party
1. Invite all your single friends and suggest black attire.
2. Create a banging anti-love playlist with tons of angry Taylor Swift and of course Beyoncè's song Single Ladies.
3. Set up your favorite intense board game and make it boys against girls (my fave game is apples to apples).
4. Let everyone eat their feelings! Serve comfort food like Mac and cheese and chocolate cake.
5.  Decorate valentines together as reminder that you have eachother. (You can make them silly with sayings like "Cupid can suck it").

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OOTD: American Flag Vest

American Flag Vest- LF
Long Sleeve Crop Top- Goodwill
Leather Skirt- Forever21
Flatforms- Koi Couture
This outfit is so simple but interesting. Its always satisfying when an effortless outfit looks well thought out and put together. Honestly this was not one of my 3am outfit epiphanies but the more I look at it the more i love it. Just so smart (in the english sense of the word). I wore this look to my local mall to check out the new Urban outfitters that opened. I ended up picking up a few things which ill post in a haul later this week. If you didn't notice these photos aren't my typical setting. Siggy and I never shoot indoors but i convinced him to give it a try. If you are into photography at all you know how hard it is to manipulate artificial light. But I am beyond impressed with how he handled it, the photos are brilliantly crisp and shooting in the heat is a nice change. Shooting inside is so much easier, there is no rush to defrost our toes and if I think the outfits missing something i can just run to my room.  Siggy's (my boyfriend) photos have come along way in the four years since i started my blogs and are the reason i am able to have a blog at all (have you ever tried to shoot yourself?! No bueno!). So thanks Siggy if your reading this!-x0x0x Phoebe

Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY Quickie: Flower Crown

This is a look I posted on my other blog last summer. This picture got so much response on Tumblr I thought I would share some unseen photos with you guys and a few images of me making the flower halo.  Its not spring yet so this outfit isnt a very useful stimulant but hopefully the DIY portion brings you some inspiration. - Phoebe
Cat Tank- Forvever21
High Waisted Shorts-American Apparel
Heels-Jeffery Campbell
Flower Crown- DIY (scroll for instructions)
Tumblr Photo-http://www.tumblr.com/reblog/24968371350/p3z401yE

This DIY is very straight forward. I bought fake silk flowers from the craft store and popped them off their stems. Next I found an old athletic headband that fits comfortably lose around the crown of my head. Finally I hot glued the flowers onto the headband alternating the flowers by size (big flower, little flower, big, little, big, little...).  Sorry for the poor quality Iphone pictures!