Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update: Teen Vogue fashion Click Blogger

Obviously I was ecstatic when i was contacted by Teen Vogue Fashion Click last week and couldnt wait to tell you guys all about it! Im over the moon with excitement! I will be able to submit fashion posts to the Fashion Click editors for a trial period of the next 90 days. Amazing right? One day would have been a gift! Its possible for me to extend my trial if my posts receive positive feed back in form of hearts, clicks and views. I would love to continue blogging for them and need your help! Puh-puh-please check out my post it would mean the world to me!

Boys are from Mars by Phoebe R

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nervous Neon

Neon Beanie - NYC Street Vender
Top/Dress- Nastygal
Studded Shorts- DIY Levis
Heels- Jeffery Campbell damsels

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Favorites!

For The Troops: Outfit of the day

My brother thats in the Airforce is visiting for the holiday. Recently i've been feeling thankful for my family's safety and have been thinking of all the military families who won't get to be together for the holidays. Stop and thank a service man or woman in your travels, your appreciation means the world to them! I love the camo trend it gives an effortless look to any outfit.  A manly print like camouflage contrasts nicely with feminine red lips. - Phoebe

There is nothing good in war, except its ending

Beanie- Romwe
Camo Shirt- Old Navy
Leather Jacket- Romwe
Velvet Leggings- Romwe
Sunnies- Gucci
Flatforms- Koi Couture buy them here

Check out Koi Couture here 

Trend I'm Loving: Beanies

This winter I have become obsessed with wearing beanies! Over the past couple months I have collected dozens. Not only does it give a casual yet chic look but also saves you from those bad hair days and late wake ups. Beanies have become one of my stable accessories for school because I can be comfortable, warm yet still cute. You can find beanies in all patterns and shapes ranging from super cheap to super expensive at almost every store! I found that I rock my beanies mostly with loose waves to achieve a casual but still fashionable look! I also found that I can still wear my much loved neon in winter by having an all neutral outfit then my neon beanie as a pop of color and focus of the look! What's y'all's favorite winter accessory this year!?! -xoxo Brooke