Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Leather Jacket- Romwe
Pink Dress- Nasty Gal
Heels- Jeffery Campbell
I love Valentine's day. Valentines day brings unity whether you spend it with your friends at an Anti-Valentines party or with your significant other, you're surrounded with people you love. Anti-Valentine's day partys are a cute way to spice up a loveless Valentine's day. 
How to throw a Anti-Valentine's Day party
1. Invite all your single friends and suggest black attire.
2. Create a banging anti-love playlist with tons of angry Taylor Swift and of course Beyoncè's song Single Ladies.
3. Set up your favorite intense board game and make it boys against girls (my fave game is apples to apples).
4. Let everyone eat their feelings! Serve comfort food like Mac and cheese and chocolate cake.
5.  Decorate valentines together as reminder that you have eachother. (You can make them silly with sayings like "Cupid can suck it").

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