Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haul: Urban Outfitter

I went to brake in my new local Urban Outfitters, and this is what I picked up. You may have already realized but I have obsession with triangles! I like them on shirts, as rings, on necklaces, and they are everywhere now! These triangle earings were a great find for only $6. The double sided leopard earrings are really unique, I dont own any earrings like them, grabbed them for $16. Mid knuckle rings are really trendy right now (so 90's) and I already own a bunch but i loved the lines of this ring, very aztec, had to have for $6.

The velvet skirt was a total whim, it was on sale and reminded me of Olivia Harrison (love her). I have tons of skirts and probably could have thrifted something similar to this but it was right there and velvet is my weakness, got it for $20. I was drawn to this muscle tank because of the triangle obviously but even more because of the eye. Im even more obsessed with eyes, love them on anything! Im still looking for an eye ring, if anyone knows where I can find one let me know?!  Overall I had a successful trip I think the items I bought will get a lot of use. - x0x0x0Phoebe

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