Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrift Haul

  These are items I purchased at my local Goodwill over the past month. Thrifting takes patients and a good eye.  If a texture or color pops out, pick it up. I always look at an item as what it could become. Before i hit it with my scissors that corky cat muscle tank was an old oversized man's shirt. Try on everything, i swear by this, vintage items can have irregular sizing and items that aren't amazing on the hanger can surprise you. If you are petite or looking for crop tops check out the kid's section (boys and girls) thats where i found the cropped gray and blue baseball shirt. -x0x0x Phoebe
Black Velvet Dress- Betsy Johnson $15
American Flag Sweatshirt- cropped myself, Cutter and Buck, $5
Leather Backpack- Vintage Coach, $39
Cropped Baseball Shirt- Gap, $3
Beer and Cat Muscle Tee- cut myself, together $6


  1. hey i really like the clothes you got!

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    katy x

  2. loving this post! Thrifting is something that isn't very popular in England but I'd really like to try it. Might convince one of my friendsd to come with me on a thrifting spree!

    Followed you!


    1. thank you! let me know how it goes! followed you too!