Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Best Black Liner


I have never been one to wear black liner on my waterline, or to wear it much at all. I tend to stay away from black because I have very small eyes and also I can never get my constant tearing eyes to keep liner from running or smudging horribly. Then I received a full size long wear eyeliner in forever nior in my Burch box, so I decided to give black liner another chance and I FELL IN LOVE! This liner will not only stay for hours, but the pigmentation is ridiculously dark. The liner is creamy and glides on so easily much like the urban decay 24/7 liners, but unlike the urban decay liner doesn’t smudge or run at all. This company focuses on creating the best and most black liners and products out there; they don’t even sell products in anything but black. I have yet to try any other products from the company but based on the liner I expect amazing things. If you’re looking for a super long wearing eyeliner you need to go and buy this liner ASAP! xoxo -Brooke 

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