Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cool Finds/ Gift Idea

"Don't put your purse on the ground or you'll go broke!"
"Don't put your purse on the ground or you'll go broke!"I recently came a across a nifty gadget to avoid  this superstition. My mom gave me a mirror key chain and for the longest time i had it buried at the bottom of bag (the pattern was paisley, i hate paisley!). This mirror was not worthy of being on my keys along side my beloved Hello Kitty key chain and hot pink pepper spray. But this key chain recently surfaced from the bowels of my purse, not just a mirror! Its actually a useful tool abling me to look past the horrible pattern. A fold out hook that holds your purse at the table, just brilliant! The coin -ish part lays flat on the table and the hook extends below the table as an arm for your purse! I love this invention its cheap socking stuffer for friends or a pricey accessory for mom. My mom just got her first real Louis Vuitton purse, i swear she loves that thing more than me (understandable). Putting her baby on the floor is rough but now she wont have too. Something cool about this gift is the the price ranges, the hooks are sold for .99 cents to $100. Im eager to use mine, let me know if you've seen these before or even own one? Would you like receiving this as a gift? -Phoebe x0x0x

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