Monday, March 18, 2013

Play Ball

Circle Skirt-American Apparel
Shoes- Jeffery Campbell
Backpack- Coach
 This red Coca Cola shirt was an awesome find, ebay can by your best friend if take the time to investigate thoroughly. I always make sure the sellers rating are high and that they are shipping from the US, to avoid customs complications. Im not one of those people you gets creeped out by worn clothing so Ebay's vintage possibilities are endless. I originally saw a shirt similar to this on but I refused to pay $27 for some thing that only appears vintage. Thus I hunted down this baby for the great price of $10, which ended up being the perfect pop of color in these awkward transition weeks.The wool and suede hat im wearing I tore from to bowels of my moms closet I have know I idea where or when its from but the tag says Head Master. Its a sick piece! I love finding things like this without even leaving my house. -x0x0x0 Phoebe
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  1. You got a beautiful style and blog.

    I'd like to invite you to join - where u cand share your awesome looks.



    1. thank you! just joined the sight is so far very slow but ill give it a chance

  2. love your shoes dear... great style..


  3. Hi! You have won a Liebster Blogger Award.. if you would like to accept it please follow my link to find out more! Thanks again for an Awesome Blog!