Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit Diary

I've always wanted to keep a outfit journal where I write down cute outfits I want to remember or keep track of how many lazy days I had at school that week. But really who has time to record in a notebook anymore?! I found this godly free app called Outfit Diary where you can quickly take pictures of your outfit in the morning and it records the date. You can add notes to a look, like how uncomfortable your shoes were or tag people from your contacts who saw you while you wearing it (so you can repeat it in front of new people). It's amazing so far, I've been tryin to snap an embarrassing mirror pic everyday, even on my horrible days (above friday feb.22 blahh so boring). Let me know if you try it and I would love to see a weeks worth of your outfits!!! -xoxo phoebe
Ps. This app is totally free and i am not affiliated with the company at all just thought it might be helpful.


  1. Great Blog!

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  2. Helloo, just nominated you for a little liebster award :) If you're interested I'll leave a link to my blog below so that you can find out what you need to do :)