Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nordstroms Event

This Saturday I was part of the Collection B and Nylon fashion event at Nordstroms, i was hired to model the Collection B fall 2012 jackets along with other clothes from BP Nordstroms. Collection B is a jacket company that i have modeled for almost two years now, you can find more out about the company on their fb page and at www.collectionb.us! Now back to the event...It was focused on styling Collection B jackets for the winter so they partnered with Nylon to show girls ways to style the jackets, new trends, and to help shop around BP. I walked down the runway and stood on stage while stylist Dani Stahl explained the trends and my outfit. After doing that for three different outfits I answered questions about modeling from girls, and talked about the winter trends. There was also a blogger showing her favorite trends and tips to blogging. I had so much fun and I tried to take a couple pictures on my iphone so i apologize for the quality but i thought ya'll would enjoy some anyways!

Arm Candy for the first look!

                               Excuse me in the bathroom i just wanted a full body picture haha

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