Sunday, November 18, 2012

About US

I'm Phoebe a high school student with a boyfriend of about four years! crazy long time right? My posts are not perfect but nothing is. Expanding my closet and makeup collection is my life. I have been a successful blogger on a different site for about three years. I've been featured on American Apparel's website and will be in the February issue of Dolly Magazine. Im obsessed with DIYS and will be posting my creations frequently. Brooke and i will be posting outfits of the days, make up tutorials and ton of other fabulous things here everyday!!! Yes, everyday!! If you were wondering my hair is naturally red and i wouldn't have it any other way! Please message us we love hearing from you guys! Brooke and I Hope you enjoy our blog we work really hard!

I'm Brooke a senior in high school with an obssession for everything beauty and fashion. I have been a model for almost two years now and i love my job :) I have been featured in Teen Vogue, Lucky, and Nylon magazine. You can find me in the november Teen Vogue and Nylon. This is my first blog, but being in the fashion industry i have picked up a ton of tricks and tips! We'll try and post everyday ranging from makeup looks, outfit of the days, tips on styling, and DIYS! I hope you love our blog as much as we do because we work really hard on it! Ask us or comment on anything we would love to hear from you!! 

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